Academic Excellence

The Old Palace Curriculum is unashamedly academic, catering specifically for students of above average ability across all year groups. It continually evolves and develops in response to the ever changing world around us and is designed to ensure that students are equipped to apply for the top universities once they complete their Old Palace journey.

We offer traditional, well-respected subjects at GCSE, iGCSE, AS and A level.  We are confident that this programme ensures that students can access the maximum number of UCAS points for university entry whilst maintaining their individuality and pursuing their own interests.  In addition students can study for Sports Leaders Awards, Arts Awards, Duke of Edinburgh Awards as well as enter nationally recognised competitions run by universities and organisations such as the Royal Academy of Art, the United Kingdom Mathematics Trust, the Society of Biology, the Royal Society of Chemistry and  the Royal Geographical Society to name but a few.

We are committed to ensuring that our students develop an understanding of academic rigour, embrace creativity and personal expression, cultivate a broad base of knowledge and skills and acquire a love of learning.  Alongside our formal curriculum we provide a significant number of extra-curricular activities and leadership opportunities to ensure that our students develop into well-rounded, responsible and confident young people, able to make their way in the world and to make a difference.

'We very much enjoyed coming to hear about the benefits of Palace Group membership for girls in receipt of a scholarship and we wanted to let you know that the programme for scholars at Old Palace was the best that we have seen'. 
A new parent

The Palace Group

-Students who have been identified as having exceptional academic potential are invited to join the Palace Group. This includes:

-Students who have been awarded Academic or Music Scholarships at 11+

-Students who have demonstrated exceptional ability in lessons and assessments

-Students who have been awarded Academic Scholarships or Exhibitions at 16+

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