Primary and Secondary Engineer Programme Awards
Well done to the eight students who made it to this year’s awards ceremony.
5th July 2019

Once again, students at Old Palace set an extremely high standard in this year’s competition.

We were thrilled with the results achieved with their innovative designs. Year 8 students’ work had to get through many rounds of intense scrutiny before being selected. Work is graded Pass, Merit or Distinction. From the Distinction entries some are shortlisted to go on to a further round of judging. Some of these entries particularly caught the judges’ eye and were given Judges’ Highly Commended. From those, the winners were chosen.

From the thousands of entries, there were six winning entries in London in the Senior section. Two of those were Year 8 and both those students are Old Palace students. We are hoping that one of these may yet be chosen by the Engineers to be built as a prototype.

Congratulations to Patricia and Zaynah, our two winners and to Summayyah, Sarah, Iona, Clarrisa, Charlotte, Catherine and Amelia, who all received Judges’ Highly Commended.

At Preparatory, across Years 2 to 4, Amelia, Ellie, Zarina and Rhianna were all chosen to receive Judges’ Highly Commended. These students had their work put on public display at Kingston University in recognition of their success. Our two winners attended an award ceremony in London with their families, where they were presented with a trophy.

All the Judges’ Highly Commended entries that were chosen for display are in the top percentile in London and as such have achieved an astonishing feat

Last Friday, a trip was organised with the above students so that they could see their work at Kingston University. We spent time looking at the entries and celebrating the students’ success.

Out of approximately 130 entries on public display, 13 were from Old Palace – an outstanding achievement for such a small school. Well done to all the students who entered!

This is a wonderful opportunity for students to apply the knowledge gained across different subjects to a real life situation. We will be registering the school to enter next years’ competition. This will again be held for Year 8 in Seniors as well as several year groups at Preparatory.