Alternative Fashion Show
Friends and families were wowed by a selection of highly creative Art coursework outfits.
8th March 2019

Having created our outfits as part of our Art coursework, we finally came to the day where we got to showcase them not only to our friends and family but also for our Art coursework unit. We started the day off preparing our models and making sure that our pieces could be presented in the way in which we had intended them to be. We used makeup and accessories to complete our looks. Mrs Broad led us in rehearsals, where we choreographed our movements and learnt to walk on the catwalk. Before we had lunch, we were all photographed and videoed by AS and A level photography students.

The experience would not have been possible without the determination and hard work put in by Mrs Broad, Mrs Evangeli and Mrs Feeney. It taught us perseverance and confidence, and was overall a really fun day.

Mariam and Phoebe, Year 12