London Mozart Players Workshop
Hearing our A Level students’ compositions performed in public was quite something!
1st March 2019

On Tuesday 12th February, the A Level and AS Level music students were treated to workshops run by the London Mozart Players, who came to play our own compositions that we write as part of our A Level qualification. Each student had a half- hour time slot in which the professional musicians played and discussed our compositions, and gave useful suggestions to potentially improve the pieces ahead of sending a final version off to the exam board for marking.

Despite writing for both piano and flute (which I happen to play), it was interesting to see the professionals’ impressions of my piece with fresh eyes whilst they played it. They were able to see things that we as composers may not have noticed, having got used to our own pieces. For example, one thing that the professionals felt would help elevate my piece was to use performance directions, like appassionato (passionately) or con fuoco (with fire!), as this would give feeling and intent to my writing, and help the players perform with the intended emotion.

Later that evening, we watched the London Mozart Players perform everyone’s compositions in a short concert; it was beautiful and inspiring to hear everyone’s hard work coming to life, as well as interesting to hear what/ who the students’ were influenced by in the process of composing.

Seeing and working with the LMP was both an insightful and wonderful opportunity. We would like to thank the performers for coming in to work with us and the Music Department for organising such an unforgettable experience for all the students involved.

Carol, Year 12