Nursery & Pre School Round Up
Ducklings and Easter were two of the topics this April.
3rd May 2019


Celebrating Easter is always a lot of fun and this year we had added excitement with the arrival of six duck eggs. After a few days, we saw the eggs hatch and baby ducklings emerge. Within a week, and to the children’s delight, the baby duckings were already at the stage of enjoying their first swim.

A huge range of Easter crafts were also high on the agenda with all sorts of different media, colours and textures to explore and some beautiful creations emerging!

Singing Hot Cross Buns helped us understand numbers and counting money, and to end it all we had a whole Nursery Easter egg hunt and Easter bonnet competition. Children and parents used all their creative skills to make some stunning bonnets - making it very difficult for the judges to decide on the winner.

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