Siemens Mobility UK Celebrates Ada Lovelace Day
Year 9 STEM students spent a fascinating day touring different departments at this inaugural event run by Siemens.
18th October 2019

The Ada Lovelace celebration was started in 2009 by Suw CharmanAnderson as a day of blogging about women in technology and rapidly developed into a broader celebration of women in STEM.

On Tuesday 8th October nine students from Year 9, with an interest in Engineering, accompanied Mrs Williams and Mr Burchuladze to the Project Design, Engineering, Systems and Testing departments at Siemens Mobility Limited in Croydon. This was to celebrate Ada Lovelace Day and was the first time Siemens had run the event. The day started with a presentation about Ada Lovelace and the background behind the annual celebration. Then, the Regional Engineering Manager, explained what Siemens produces and what goes on in the offices in Croydon. The students were then split into groups and taken around the project office to meet employees with a variety of responsibilities. The activities included an exhibition of some of the products Siemens develop, an interactive railway signalling systems, coding stations and presentations from different Engineers. Lunch was provided in the ‘room with a view’ of Croydon (4 floors up), with apprentices, graduates, designers and Senior Managers. Taking part in a panel discussion, Year 9 were able to ask a panel of staff of Siemens Mobility questions about their career. Leaving with a ‘goodie bag’ as a thank you for honouring the invite, Year 9 reflected on their day.

“It was a good experience and we’ve learnt how trains work and communicate with each other” Shelise

“It was a very enjoyable experience” Sarah

“It was fun to learn about the trains”  Saskia

“I got to learn about train signals, equipment, railways, traffic colours, engineering and lots more” Anika

“It was one of the greatest experiences I have seen” Saffiyah

Mrs Williams - Higher Education and Careers Coordinator