We are the Champions
Congratulations 6J. Croydon Sumdog Maths Champions!
18th October 2019

We are so proud of 6J, who have just become the Croydon Sumdog Maths Champions. 6J’s average score was 680 – the class that came second scored an average of 455.

 We recently took part in the Sumdog Croydon Maths Contest, competing against other classes in the Borough in a week long, online competition that combines Maths questions, which become progressively harder as the student improves, and games they can play with their classmates.

Everyone participated with a fantastic team spirit which was really important as the final score was going to be an average of everyone’s individual score.

A special mention must go to Theresa–Mae who finished 6th overall on the individual leader board and Sapphy who finished 10th. Congratulations to all of 6J who now get to enjoy the prize of a six month subscription to the website and LOTS of new games and Maths challenges!