Years 7 to 9

Students new to Year 7 will find the Old Palace community welcoming, supportive and full of exciting opportunities. Moving to a new school can be an unsettling experience, so we have established trusted strategies to ensure a smooth transition. Girls soon relish the numerous social and cultural events on offer and their confidence grows, aided by a strong framework of pastoral care. 

In Year 7 students follow courses in Art, Design  & Technology (including Food & Nutrition), Drama, English, French or Spanish, Geography, History, Computing, Latin, Mathematics, Music, PE & Swimming, RS, and  Science. 

The Learning for Life programme underpins the human, social, spiritual, cultural, careers and academic aspects of the students’ work.  Setting in Mathematics occurs following assessments during the Autumn term.  Students are grouped in French according to experience and ability.  Movement across sets occurs throughout the school as appropriate.

In Year 8 & 9 the curriculum is further enriched by the introduction of a second MFL: German, Italian or Spanish. Mandarin is offered as a twilight course for our most able linguists. The programmes of study at Old Palace are based upon those laid down in the New National Curriculum but are enhanced to provide greater flexibility, breadth and depth.